ShaeLaurel has thrilled audiences all over the world with their amazing talent and dazzling showmanship. Each show features a blend of musical acrobatics and traditional Irish step and American dance fusing vibrant new music with traditional Celtic, Pop, and American favorites. The band started 8 years ago as a project to bring the family closer together and has since bloomed into an internationally acclaimed sensation. Each member plays multiple instruments and together they have performed thousands of shows from the International Music Festival in Shanghai, China and Downtown Dublin, Ireland; to Disney in Orlando, FL and the Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Canada. With a growing number of fans worldwide, ShaeLaurel has produced 8 CDs and several DVDs over the last 10 years. ShaeLaurel’s fun and comedic stage show has thrilled audiences around the world. Featured on regional television and radio shows as well as international programs and ABC TV, ShaeLaurel reaches out to audiences of all ages with heart-stopping performances that will leave you wanting more!


Andy (20) has loved instruments all his life. With a knack for finding new things to play and new ways to play them, Andy has a large posse of instruments around him all the time. In show he enjoys playing the banjo, mandolin, violin, guitar, bodhran, and tin whistle. Like the rest of his siblings, Andy started out with the violin 11 years ago and has enjoyed playing it ever since. Enjoying life on stage and off, he is also known for his love of engineering and how things work, Andy has enjoyed building and taking apart all manner of things since he could walk.
Jessica (19) has been performing all her life. From small 'in house' productions, to full out stage shows, her sparkling personality and soaring voice adds a flair to the band that is all her own. Jessica began taking private violin lessons at the tender age of 6, and has recently picked up the Irish Whistle (or tin whistle) to compliment the band. Known for her lead vocals, fast fiddling and graceful dancing on stage, she is also a songwriter, novelist, screenwriter and actress.
Kathryn (17), is the sassy lead fiddler and Celtic harpist. Feisty on stage and off, she brings crowds to their feet with her flair for dance and stunning musicianship. Ever since she started playing the violin (11 years ago) she has instinctively moved with the music and has been dancing for as long as she can remember. She has been playing the Celtic Harp for four years, and loves every style of music. Kathryn's also the band's stylist keeping them up to date with the fashion world. Her passions are her music and dance along with creating jewelry, and cooking.
A fiddle player from age 3, Christian switched to drums at 13 to keep the band in time. Within months, representatives from Ludwig saw him on stage and immediately supplied him with his own brand-new, bright red drum kit. Since then he has been studying rhythm with musicians all over the world, from percussion instruments to the drum kit, and even vocal percussion and beatboxing. His love of music and his engaging performance style constantly bring him center stage to sing and play his heart out. When not performing, Christian (16) can be found producing music videos and movies of all styles
Janet, known simply as "Mom" to most people, picked up the acoustic bass when the kids decided to form the band. Andrew, an accomplished jazz pianist, widely published composer and solo pop artist, learned to play guitar to join the family on the road. The past seven years of touring have brought them across America and Canada and around the globe. While it's an exciting life, the real thrill for Andrew and Janet is being able to spend their lives making music with their kids.

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Devil Went Down to Georgia (3:44)  ·  Tullamore Dew (4:30)  ·  Break Free (3:20)  ·  Back To You (3:31)  ·