Lyle Cogen


Lyle is a polished professional with an incredible voice and tons of charisma and charm to win over any audience. Lyle is equally at home in a classroom as performing on a large stage or festival setting. She brings with her Lincoln Center Professional Teaching Artist training, and great communication skills to enhance any performance, and help teachers and students get the most out of her performance. Take a few minutes and check out a few of her songs from her award winning collection of CD's and read some of the accolades she has received from such prestigious organizations as Parents Choice.

Lyle Cogen

New Program!

Sticks And Stones (Teacher's Guide · One Sheet · Review) is a New Show by Lyle Cogen about life skills and social responsibility among children in the playground, on the school bus, at lunchtime, or any time of the day. Commissioned by The Tilles for the Arts and project funded by the US Dept of Justice.

Program Offerings

Sticks & Stones (ages 8-14)

A musical play about social issues and bullying, based on real life experiences of adolescents, commissioned by Tilles Center For The Performing Arts and funded by The United States Department of Justice. Scott and Lyn, are brother and sister. Each of them is experiencing different problems with bullies, peer pressure and loss of friends. Scott is betrayed after his mother reports the names of his friends who are caught vandalizing. Lyn is called “a snitch” after a derogatory website is discovered. When Lyn's best friend befriends the school bully, the situation spirals out of control. a one-woman performance which includes multiple characters, music, and poetry and video projection; all within a story about the critical effects of bullying. Ages 8-14

Sticks & Stones (young audiences)

Kindergarten through third grade are the pivotal and crucial years when children have their first experience with bullying. Would it be great if we as educators can catch them when they are most open to learning what to do if they are in a bullying situation? Sticks & Stones FYA teaches young children about bullying. It is entirely interactive and paced for a young audience to follow and understand. It identifies and defines the fundamental behavior that is “bullyish” such as pushing or hitting, saying mean things and leaving people out. It reinforces what we should do if someone is bullying us or if we see someone else being bullied and teaches us some on the spot tools that we can use if have to. This is a performance of teachable moments.

Lyle Sings Broadway For Kids

Lyle brings the excitement and scintillation of Broadway, to your stage in this participatory and charismatic performance of Broadway's most age appropriate and recognizable songs and characters. Through its great composers, shows and history, this program spotlights Broadway's great legacy and draws the comparison of various songs from the stage to the issues relevant children. Workshops available.

Songs For The Planet Earth

What is biodiversity and how does it affect us? In this program Lyle teaches about the many ways in which we can help keep the earth clean and how we can preserve and protect its beauty and its resources. This concert is a multi media environmental show that utilizes music and video projections. The visual dimension to this show enhances perception of the subject matter and invokes deeper thoughts, ideas and dialogue from students. Workshops available.

Friends, Like You And Me

A highly energetic early childhood and family performance that engages young children through music and movement. Highly interactive, thought provoking and meaningful. Students will use their bodies and voices and hop like frogs…flop their socks…make an imaginary pizza…and learn sigh language. Workshops and residencies available.

The Spirit Of America

includes material about our 50 United States, our flag, our anthem, and the landscape and community of America. Throughout this performance, students will hear the famous songs of America written by people who were all motivated to capture a moment in history or the spirit of the people of America. Everyone will interpret lyrics, define an anthem and think about what motivated Francis Scott Key to write the national anthem. Children will be asked about the definition of (in)tolerance and how what they have seen as examples of intolerance around us. Workshops available.

Listen To Albums

Lyle Sings Broadway For Kids

  1. Doe A Deer
  2. We Go Together
  3. I Won't Grow Up
  4. Kids
  5. I'm Calm
  6. Twist And Shout
  7. I Got Rhythm
  8. Nothing
  9. Whistle A Happy Tune
  10. Little Known Facts
Friends, Like You and Me

  1. Friends, Like You and Me
  2. Floppy Socks
  3. Animal Ride
  4. This Song Is A Song For You
  5. This Song Is A Song For You - Swing Version
  6. P-I-Z-Z-A
  7. A Song For the Planet Earth
  8. Nursery Rhyme Uh-Oh
  9. A Song For Mallory
  10. Move It To The Beat
My Name Is Lyle

  1. My Name is Lyle
  2. Wake 'Em Up, Shake 'Em Up
  3. The Candy Man
  4. Three Green & Speckled Frogs
  5. Sticky Kid
  6. Sing
  7. Unconditional Love
  8. I've Got A Limbo Stick
  9. READ
  10. This Little Light, This Little Wheel

Awards & Accolades

"Like the best of classic childrens' music ... Cogen's effort is heartfelt, skillfully composed and clever."

"With a set of pipes tailor made for belting from the Great White Way,Cogen's always brought a boffo bravura to her children's music. Her third album is a perfect union of singer and song." Review of Lyle Sings Broadway For Kids, October 2001

says of Lyle Sings Broadway for Kids..... "she is in her element here and has never sounded better."

says of Lyle Sings Broadway for Kids..... "Kids will delight in a cabaret performance tailored just for them!"


says of Lyle Sings Broadway for Kids..... "Following in the footsteps of her first album, "Friends, Like You And Me," her new release is charged with energy and enthusiasm that will have kids singing, dancing and clapping along!"

says of Lyle Sings Broadway for Kids..... "Over the top performances! Songs at Broadway show stopper level!!!"

says of Lyle Sings Broadway for Kids..... "Her rich pop style and clever mix of songs make this a recording that families will want to hear every chance they get. Sheer exuberance and joy!"

"Take a little bit of pop, groovy jazz and calypso, mix it with some country, bluegrass and gospel and you've got one of the hottest children's albums on the market...A must have for your child's repertoire."


says of Lyle Sings Broadway for Kids..... "With Lyle the fun starts on the first song and never stops!"

says of Lyle Sings Broadway for Kids..... "She can belt out a song with sweetness, heart and lyricism... she animatedly croons and chortles and brightly vocalizes. The elaborate musical arrangements-from a delicate sound to a full and rich background are surprisingly varied and make this album really stand out!"


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