Karen Montanaro

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Question: What do you get when you cross Marcel Marceau with Anna Pavlova?
Answer: Karen Montanaro.

To be able to portray a lizard as convincingly as an aging gunslinger, without any sounds or words, is undeniably a feat of great imagination. Karen Montanaro, an internationally renowned mime and former PROFESSIONAL BALLET DANCER combines both art forms into diverse characterizations as only she can. The lizard one of the many impressive depictions among a whole wide-ranging fabulous cast of characters, Karen will have you laughing, contemplating and WONDERING how she can be every player on a Baseball team at the same time.

The Struggle to Be - her newest full length theater performance reflects on man's place in the universe.

Karen trained with the acclaimed mime artist Tony Montanaro, a student of Marcel Marceau and winner of the 2008 Maine Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship Grant. Karen is also trained in the Alexander method for dance education.


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