Catskill Puppet Theater

The Catskill Puppet Theater takes great pride in carrying on in the living tradition of the old traveling puppet troupes, bringing high quality children's theater to over 75,000 people each year across the US and Canada! John Potocnik and Carol Mandigo, co-founders, tour internationally, enchanting young and old with their delightful musical productions that combine art, music, drama and American folk culture into one of the nation's finest touring companies.

Receiving accolades from such premiere venues as the Calgary, Winnepeg, Ottawa & Annenberg Children's Festivals, The New England Puppetry and Family Theater Series, the New York State Museum's Kid's Series and hundreds more schools, libraries, fairs and festivals.

Able to set up indoors or out, the Catskill Puppet Theater shines equally on a big stage, school, parade or a festival lawn. Their full sets, colorful scenery and large, beautiful puppets transform even the simplest environment into a fantasy world rich with wonder and excitement!

Shows include: "Hiawatha", "The Willow Girl", " The Lion’s Whisker’s", "The Town that Fought Hate", "The Villain’s Moustache", "Sister Rain and Brother Sun" & "Ivan’s Three Wishes". Workshops in puppet making offered. Also available for commissioned work for specific events.


Catskill Puppet Theater  ·  The Lion's Whiskers



Using Full sets, exquisitely crafted puppets and accompanied by Native American flute and drum, this enchanting play is based on the life of the great Iroquois hero, Hiawatha.

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The Villain's Moustache

This lively show is a traditional old-time melodrama featuring 2 ½ foot tall rod puppets with animated mouths, eyes and eyebrows!

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The Town that Fought Hate

Working with Dr. Janice Cohn, Catskill Puppet Theater has created a captivating production based on Dr. Cohn's award-winning book "The Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate"

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Sister Rain and Brother Sun

This musical nature-tale features lots of audience participation and Brother Sun, a huge, talking sun face seven feet in diameter with moveable mouth and eyes!

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The Willow Girl

When a Young Chinese Girl immigrates to the American frontier, she finds herself facing discrimination in a swirl of other immigrants and cultures.

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Ivan's Three Wishes

This is a story of a loveable Russian peasant who is always wishing for things he doesn't have.

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The Lion's Whiskers

A delightful musical adaptation of a traditional Ethiopian folktale, this show features a charming cast of characters as well as our favorite African Animals!

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Rod Puppet Construction Workshop

Carol Mandigo
90 Minutes
Maximum Enrollment Range
Puppet Style/Skill Taught
Space Size
Large Room
Additional Technical Requirements
A few volunteers
Making small, colorful, foam rod puppets. Best for 7 years and up.