Ball In The House

Playing ball in the house...Who said Mom was always right?

Imagine...five guys, no instruments, just their voices! What would Mom think? Trust us, she will approve! This Boston-based soul-pop/R&B group takes a cappella to the next stage with vocal drums/beatbox and vocal bass to create a harmony that appeals to all ages! These talented and gifted musicians and performers have sold over 65,000 albums and are the voices on the national radio and TV ad campaign for Kraft Cool Whip.

Ball in the House has created educational outreach with assemblies, workshops, and family concerts which focus on creativity in the arts and theater. Motivating their audience to join in the fun is just part of the experience that makes this group of five men stand out. Their wonderfully upbeat and CLEAN performance will inspire and motivate every generation that sees them – even MOM!

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