Alex The Jester

Alexander, King of Jesters, reinvents a cultural icon. Sure, we all know what a Jester looks like. We've seen the joker in a deck of cards. But when are we treated to the joyous discoveries of a real jester - standing on stage in his curly boots? Alex has been featured on television, such as Showtime and 'America's Got Talent' events like The Montreal International Comedy Festival, World Performance Festival of Japan and Singapore Arts Festival and theaters from Alaska to Australia. His period music, mind bending sight gags, and wildly imaginative spirit transport audiences to another place and time.

"He can make the stiffest of stiffs laugh"
- Lesley Tweeton, Boston Magazine

"Makes everyone feel good"
- Tom Coflin, Vancouver Weekend Edition

"Outrageous, offbeat, and full of surprises"
- Mark Mitchell, The New Zealand Herald

"Alexander sold out 10 out of 11 shows. Our audiences couldn’t get enough of him"
- Beth Rose, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

This historic character also rejuvenates schools. The easy-to-use study guide ties into Language Arts, and Social Studies. His program, Ape Talk teaches the enormous value of non-verbal cues and communication. Students and teachers laugh together at this archetypical fool who can show them how to fearlessly try new things.

"The students and faculty were absolutely spell bound. It fit our studies perfectly. Words gracious enough just do not exist."
-JeriAnn Tucker, teacher , Middleboro MA

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